Fuel Gauge Needle Stuck on Wrong Side of "Empty Stop" on Buick Park Avenue

Do to a low or erratic voltage condition, the fuel gauge needle may "jump" around and become stuck on the back side of the "stop" below the "empty" indicator. This does not mean the gauge is broken. If the gauge cover is removed and the needle is gently moved back around to the correct side of the pin, the gauge will again function normally. When the needle is moved back to the correct position, the electrical problem that caused the needle to jump in the first place must be corrected or the needle may jump around again. The most common problems that cause this condition are a weak battery or corrosion on the battery cable ends.

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Average mileage: 119,138 (48,500–330,000)
9 model years affected: 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, more2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
71 people reported this problem
45 people shared problem details
I have the same problem. However I fix it with a magnet. I placs the STRONG magnet in FRONT of the gauge and tweak the needle counterclock wise until it is in its' proper position. WORKS EVERY TIME. Would like to hear from others. E-mail--pippiejo@verizon.net
fixed my gas gauge with a magnet...worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey you Guys THANKS I thought my gas gauge was broke for 6 years. Recently I had the hoses replaced in my 1998 Park Ave Buick. They had to take out the battery to get to the bottom hose. When I got the car back the heat gauge did not work. great, now I have a heat and gas gauge that don't work. I went on line, and read about the magnet fix. I bought a small magnet about a inch in diameter, that was rated to lift 25 pounds, $4.00. 20 seconds, I fixed both gauges. Dealer wanted $900 to fix gas gauge.
Fuel gauge needle stuck far below the 'empty' position, after changing the battery. Fixed by placing a magnet top of the plastic panel, directly over the needle, and moving it in small circles counterclockwise until the needle landed in the proper position. Each rotation of the magnet only moves the needle a small bit, so maybe a dozen or more small circles were needed. Need trick!
The fuel gauge goes up and down randomly. Hard to determine how much gas left. Bought vehicle used and the seller hid this.
Gas gauge and temperature gauge spun completely around to under the plastic stop peg.
This has happened many times when battery is disc. or low voltage anyway you can take a magnet and move the gauge back to E position and will work again. It is tricky but have done many times.
Fuel gauge needle on wrong side of Empty stop. Magnet trick worked like a charm, really cool.
Happened from having battery disconnected changing the intake gaskets today. The magnet fix works. $4 pack of super magnets from home depot saved us from pulling the cluster.
haven't fixed it yet
Had this problem with both the gauges. Didn't know about the magnet so I drilled two small holes through the front, inserted a wire with a hook on it and lifted it over.. Oh well, they do work,
When my battery went bad the fuel gauge got stuck on the wrong side of the empty stop. The magnet cure suggested worked like a charm. I had to get a powerful magnet (25lbs) in order to pull it around. Seems fine now.
My car was jump started while in the repair shop. My gas gage rotated completely clockwise to the E position. Glad to here there is a quick fit. I have another problem. The rear bumper sensors. The red light is supposed to blink if I go faster than 3mph while in reverse. Now the light blinks while in drive. I have tried resetting the battery but ended with negative results. Hope someone has a answer for this because I just spent 2,200.00 for other repairs.
My truck, had the gas gauge needle pointing down opposite of gauge range. I tried the magnet trick and though the magnet could not hold it long enough to move it all the way to position, it did get the needle to budge enough to get out of it's stuck position and that was enough for it to pop back into place on the gauge and has been working fine since.
Same fuel gauge problem. Magnet worked perfect. Thanks.
A dead battery in my Park Avenue caused the gas gauge to fail. It ran counter clockwise until it got stuck under the pin. I read what was posted on the site and I bought a magnet to tease the needle back into position but the magnet wasn't strong enough.I bought a 65 pound magnet from Ace Hardware, 7.00 $ and placed it over the the lens assembly over the gas gauge needle, and in about 2 seconds it was restored to its factory correct position. I was amazed. I appreciate the information from this website. A little hint, car had to be turned off to reset the needle.
not fixed I just go by the number of miles left
Battery weak. Needed jump. Affected the gas gauge and temp gauge.
I've lived with no gas gauge after the dealer told me $600 to fix over 4 years ago. Just ran across this & the magnet trick worked like a charm. Wish I'd thought of that - was a hands-on EE problem solver for 38 years, feeling foolish that it was so simple, but great to have a gas gauge again. THANKS THANKS
My gas and temperature gauges both flipped all the way around to the stop peg when I was having battery problems about 6 months ago. After we took care of the battery problem, the mechanic wanted over $500 to replace the cluster. I decided just to deal with it until I saw your tip online. I bought a strong magnet for $7 at Menards and fixed it myself. Not bad for a 55 year old girly girl!
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