fuel gauge on 1999 Honda Passport

my gas gauge reads empty and the low fuel light comes on. when i fill it up it only takes 12 gallons but i have a 22 gallon tank. any ideas?

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You may have a problem with the fuel level sensor located inside the fuel tank of your 1999 Honda Passport. Corrosion can build up on the sensor causing false readings. If this is indeed the case in the passed I would have generally recommend replacing the sensor. But now, before replacing the sensor you may want to try adding some Chevron Techron Plus at your next fill up. The Techron Plus has special cleaners for this corrosion issue and we have had good results using this product. You must use the Techron Plus additive - the anti-corrosion product is not yet in the Chevron fuel with Techron. If the additive does not correct your problem please have the system properly diagnosed before replacing any parts.