fuel filter quick conect is stuck on 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

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fuel filter quick conect is stuck how to remove i have the quick connect tool but it is stuck on it wont come off
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And -- use extreme care, because a stuck quick connect is far better than a broken quick connect!

Good luck!
These disconnects have a rubber o-ring which gets stuck. I'd say, use the tool and maybe give the connection a drop of penetrating oil and keep trying. Good luck, and don't spray yourself with fuel when it comes apart.
ive try that already it still wont come off
Best suggestion under the circumstances is to get it to a professional that does these several times a day. It's quick and easy for someone with a lift to get up there and remove it with some experience behind them that will keep the fuel line from getting fractured.

A fractured fuel line is a bad it's best to elect for the safe bet.