fuel filter location and replacement steps on 1991 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

i just recently got my blazer put back together and well half way running again. lol anyways I had the fuel pump, sending unit and strainer replaced but not the fuel filter. I wouldn't need to ask, but my manual doesn't specify the fuel filter location or replacement steps! Any suggestion?

Get under the truck and follow the fuel lines, you'll find it.
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I have a 92 s-10 blazer. The fuel filter is under the drivers side rear door. On the inside of the frame. There is a small metal ring that holds it in place. 10mm I think to take it off. You have to use a small wrench because it is on top of the frame in between it and the body. Once it is loosened from the frame, you can take 2 wrenches and unscrew the fitting from both sides. I got a little gas flowing out after this so get a pan. When you put the new one on make sure you attach the side of the filter that you can see deep into facing the engine, Should say !out!. Tighten the fitting, screw back that 10mm bolt. And fire her up.