Fuel filter and pump on 1995 Saturn SL

I had a book for my car and ofcourse in my many moves it had disappeared once again. Sadly my boyfriend cannot work on cars ( busted an oil pan and drove without oil for 30 miles, we were able to save it and replace the oil pan he had smashed and then he drove it and blew a rod through the engine casing) So I must do all the "important repairs" and I need to know where the fuel filter is and ensure I replace it correctly. When the care idles, it begins to shake and i know the motor mounds are intact, I checked those. It seems liek the car is not recieving enough fuel when in idle but runs fine when the gas is pushed. I am starting withthe basics, checking the filter. The lines are fine. Next would be the pump iT is 4-21 at 1:14 am and I have been looking for an online copy of the repair book but I have to have this fixed as early as possible today. So if anyone can lead me in he right direction I would appreciate it. It is a 95 Saturn SL 1 SOHC. Thanks!

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the fuel filter is at the rear of the car by the tank. you will need some basic hand tools but be carefull the fuel system will have residual pressure. the fact that it is fine off idle means that the filter is not clogged. it sounds like a vaccuum leak may be your issue. I am assuming you had the engine replaced?

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The fuel filter is places under the hood on drivers side held on by two 10 mm nuts on the body and another 10 mm for the clamp under the throttle body. disconnect the lines with a fuel tool. The fuel pump is in the gas tank in the rear of the vehicle. Both wont fix your concern. The upper motor mount does wear out often and and easy way to check that is if a pen can fit inbetween the top metal part of the mount and the upper rummer part of the mount it could be causing the vibration and be replaced. If that isnt it then you have a drivability issue and that could be anything from coils, wires, plugs, egr, injectors temp sensors. would need more info to futher assist.