fuel economy on 2006 Jeep Commander

wat do i need to start looking for on my engine so i may improve my gas mileage? i have reasonlly started having real poor gas mileage @11-12 mpg. my vehicle only has 47000 miles wat can i start looking for to avoid the dealership cost?

by in Hitchcock, TX on July 24, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on July 24, 2009
I would have a good technician scan your engine data stream and check all of your tune-up parts. Pay special attention to the fuel trim numbers. What kind of mileage were your getting before the mileage became a concern? Let me know and Best of Luck!
ANSWER by on January 14, 2011
hey there my mom has a 2005 jeep comander and we got 22 to 15 MPG and it has 80.000 mils on it well if u dont drive hard on it and keep is nice and make sure u do all your oil and check your airfilter and make sure everything is good. and if you can take the back road just stick at 50 or 40 with the crouse on your am sure you will get 20 or 17 MPG ok well i hope this helps you out thank you.
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