1996 Audi A4 Q&A

1996 Audi A4 Question: Fuel consumption is very high on my Audi A4 engine size 1.8l year 1996

what could cause this because I service it on time -
Answer 1
Exactly which engine is in your car? You give 2 choices. Then post MPG. -
Answer 2
seek a diag and have fuel trim read on scanner to determine isssue. you should have eng codes -
Answer 3
What is your deffinition of 'service' include? Are factory plugs included. Does it have any exhaust leaks/intake leaks. Best bet IS to have it scanned (live data) to see what's actually going on. Only engine listed on A4 is 2.8L V-6. Is it an A4 Quattro? Automatic or manual trans.? -