fuel cap light on 2007 Honda Ridgeline

I keep getting the 'tighten fuel cap' message in the scrolling display even though I use the three click rule. The check engine light is not on. The dealer that i go to says that if you don't tighten it correctly this message will display for the next four of five times you start the truck. I've been getting the message for over a month now. What does this mean?

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Check your gas cap for damage to the seal ie. cracks, nicks, in the rubber seal. If all that looks ok take your car to a local parts store and have them reset the codes for you. Once a code is set in a OBD II system it has to be reset with a scan tool. Your local auto parts store will do this free. If the light comes back on after that, have a shop that has a smoke machine diag. for leak in vaccum lines, cap and hoses to gas tank and vapor return.