Frusturated on 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

turns over wont start need to try to eliminate the crankshaft sensor...ingnition switch like i said before battery good starter good... the crankshaft sensor did not test okay the light did not light up...whats next? and almost forgot when cranking the lights shut off then on. altenator is good. when I bought it the car would not shut down right away u cld turn the key off and motor still running.. BUT it did not do it the last 3 days before it stopped starting.

before you start to guess with parts, have the computer data scanned and I don't mean a parts store 'quickie'. You need to see what the system is missing, in order for the engine to start. You can go broke guessing with this part or that part.
Thank you for ur response and I believe that. What I am concerned about is the cost to tow and the scan. it would really stink if it is only a $17.99 part when I pay $210.00 to find out. So any suggestions on where to get it fixed?
There are some shops in your area that will provide free inspection/diagnostics. The best way to find them is to go to and click on a couple of the shops listed. Under the shop page there is a section called Amenities which is where shops will typically list if they provide it or not.