1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue Q&A

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue Question: frozen motor

what would cause motor to freeze? engine light was flashing, car was running very rough. shut car off. would not start again. battery fried. i think its an electrical problem because smelled somethng sometimes when heat on. coolant light on for 2 months even though radiator was full. is starter or solenoid bad? or is motor gone. how do i change spark plugs. one came out in my hand and there was a spring in the boot. -
Answer 1
Warning lights come to warn you of problems, when you ignore them for days, weeks and especially months, you can expect many problems to occur. You now have many problems! -
Answer 2
Could be hydro-lock; happened to me. A hole wears in the black plastic plenum on top of engine; water works its way through hole into pistons, eventually "drowning" the pistons. Vacuum moisture out of pistons, replace plenum, problem solved. Cost me about $850 at auto repair shop. -