frozen doors, hard to open and will not latch or lock shut for several miles on 2000 Ford Taurus

When it snows or rains and the temp drops below freezing, the doors are hard to open and will not securely latch shut causing me to hold the door closed until the car heats up. I added lube to the door locks and latches. The car windows seem to fog over easily and I think it may be a moisture problem.

Asked by for the 2000 Ford Taurus
My girlfriend has a 2000 Taurus,we had the exact same problem. Go to an automotive supply store,buy a jug of methyl alcohol or "safety brake". Put some in a spray bottle,grab a straight screwdriver,bundle up & head out doors. Wear some form of glasses(shades will do)don't want this stuff in your eye's. Open the door and spray into the latch mechanism,then "work it" repeatedly with the screw driver. Lift the door handle up and spray into any opening you can see(look under the handle while its lifted)and then work door handle up and down several times. Keep at it till your door shuts and latches. The alcohol will dispel any moisture in the latch and handle & thin out the oil. Oil is fine in the summer but gets thick and sticky in the winter. As for the windows,not being a smart a** here,clean the inside of the glass. Warm the car up,use a good quality cleaner (Bon Ami is excellent) and paper towels. Keep at it till glass is nice and clean,will help a lot.