froze up on 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

My car froze up most likely because of the weather or something because it is so cold where I am at. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it run.

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Indiana I see it is cold where you live at the moment! By saying your car has "frozen" do you mean the engine's cooling system has frozen due to lack of coolant/antifreeze strength? Insufficient coolant strength can result in serious engine damage. Best case scenario a cracked coolant hose, damaged radiator or "blown out freeze plug" in the engine block or cylinder head. Worst case scenario the engine's head gasket or engine itself can become damaged if the car is driven. If your car cranks over fast enough (ie your battery is good) perhaps the heater plugs/glow plugs, or heater plug system that assist cold starts has failed.
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Many Diesel owners resort to electrically powered engine block heaters to prevent this.
The Diesel require a minimum cranking speed of 400 rpm to start. At the winter temperature you are seeing it is difficult for an unprotected engine parked outdoors to achieve this.
Engine block heaters are available from VW or as a common aftermarket product.
I had similar trouble. Frozen locks, wiper motor frozen, doors frozen. I never open the windows in winter because they freeze and i dont want to damage the motor. I bought a special carpet with a reservoir for water and this was interfering with the start switch under the clutch. This car was not designed for cold temperature. There is no way to warm the engine in winter unlike most american cars.