Front and/or Rear Window Regulator May Fail on Jaguar S-Type

The front and/or rear window regulators are prone to failure. A failed window regulator will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 87,198 (25,157–159,000)
4 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004
40 people reported this problem
25 people shared problem details
2000 Jaguar S-Type100,156
I purchased a 2000 S Type Jaguar and before the warranty had expired the window regulators,starting with my driver side window,started going out. I have since had to replace each regulator cable and am now half way round again. The drivers side cable goes out most often and this is mainly due to its more frequent use. On average my cables have lasted about 2 years. I have had them replaced by Jaguar and other licensed mechanics. P.S. I'm thinking about learning to replace them myself but a recall is only fair, and long past due.
Front driver window will not let down/up
2001 Jaguar S-Type45,000
I only drive this car as you can tell by the mileage. I have replaced all the window regulators and cables to the tune of 500.00 for each window. the most recent was less than a year ago. Guess what? one of the rear windows has now failed again! Jaguar is garbage!
2004 Jaguar S-Type105,000
window made a loud noise like grinding, and would not go up or down. been checking for a reasonable window regulator but have not found one. will replace in next two weeks.
Started from passager side front window,then driver side and rear one,so far I have 3 window regulators changed and spent mone than $1500, I will never consider to buy any Jaguar car in the future!
2001 Jaguar S-Type67,000
Window would not go up, put I could hear the motor. I had to get the regulator replaced.
2000 Jaguar S-Type125,000
Passengers front window regulator failed
2000 Jaguar S-Type53,000
Window regulators broke, the clips did as well.
My wi do just went down on the drivers side said regulator is broke. It cost 135 to replace
2000 Jaguar S-Type50,000
Drivers door regulator broke, window slid down in to door. Purchased a aftermarket regulator.
2004 Jaguar S-Type71,000
This is the third time I have replaces the motor & regulators,in my front windows,it is pretty bad Jaguar can`t make a window that lasts more than 2 yrs. I will never own another Jaguar,quality is just not here. I have the S-type looks good. but what a headache!! I think I have the 1 million dollar car after all the other repairs I have paid for. The dealers here in Florida are nothing but rip offs,big time!! No wonder the dealers offer low financing,only way can sell Jags!!!
I replaced the rear window regulators in both rear windows at the same time, around 35,000 miles. Some time later I replaced the passenger side regulator, ($900.00 bucks a pop). These aren't cheap, ($2,700).
2000 Jaguar S-Type115,000
Replaced window motor on passenger and rear passenger side.
2003 Jaguar S-Type56,000
Rear window regulat
2003 Jaguar S-Type95,000
switches get too hot to touch
2000 Jaguar S-Type68,000
Driver and both rear window failure
Driver side window regulator broke. Small fragile plastic part broke. $250.00 for the whole assy. $150.00 installed. Any other car would be around $60.00 to fix. Jaguar/ford should be ashamed of this garbage!
2000 Jaguar S-Type120,000
R H Rear Regulator Plastic Window To rail & Cables broken I am from South Australia
Right window regulator failed in hot weather. Clip blocks shattered.
In 2004 in extreme cold weather the front driver's side regulator came off track and the window shattered. Around 2009 the same thing happened to front passenger window. About $350 each time s
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