Front windows will not go down and rearview mirrors do not work on 1998 Mercedes-Benz C280

Started with front passenger window not going down and rearview mirror would not adjust on passenger side at the same time. Then driver side window would not go down and the driver rearview mirror would not adjust. Both right front windows and mirrors do not work. Could this possibly be a fuse?

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Had the same problem with mine. Replaced the "brain" in the driver's door and the main module in the console, but neither fixed the problem. Mercedes dealer finally traced the problem to one of the rear window motors. That motor still worked, but apparently had a defect that caused the front windows and outside mirrors not to work somehow. We disconnected the defective rear window motor and the front windows and mirrors work fine now. I have purchased a replacement motor for the rear window, but have not yet installed it since we rarely use that window and replacing the motor is not a trivial exercise.
Hi, can you tell me which side of car was the defective one?the left(driver) or the right passenger? I am having the same problem and i didnt want to open both of them.
The right side was the one with the problem on our car, but from what I understand it could happen with either side and the effect would be the same.
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If all these switches are part of one assembly, then I would look at that. Have you had it fixed, if so, what was it?
most likely its a fuse. It can also be the window actuator may have gone bad.
I just recently ran into the same issue. Started on the right passenger a week ago, then today the left driver side wouldn't go down. Also when I unlock the car and hold the lock down it usually rolls down all four windows. That worked last week, but now it won't. Mechanic said it could be a fuse or a worn out window control...guess I will have to take it in.