Front wind Rattle on 1999 Toyota Solara

When I exceed 70 mph or during very windy conditions there is a metal on metal rattle sound that seems to be coming from the front passenger side wheel well area. It doesn't make this sound when going over bumps or any other time. Any idea what this could be.

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i have this problem take it to your mechanic and have them check front control arms, they may need to be replaced .. it sounds like a chain in a can. Its most likely that
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These are tough to figure out, it's not like you can get out and find the noise at 70 mph!
I've seen wheel bearings and dry bearing seals cause some pretty loud screeching noises. However, I think this may be a wind noise, since you say it happens when it's windy. Check the bumper and all the trim around the wheel and fender, see if something is loose.
Good Luck