Front Wheel stud replacement on 2000 Honda Odyssey

GoodYear cross threaded two bolts on the front of my Honda. When I took one off it broke. It looks like you have to take the entire hub assembly out to get to the bolts, they won't press over the hub assembly flange (very poor engineering). If I'm going to go that far, I might as well replace the wheel bearing? Anyone with any suggestions?

Asked by for the 2000 Honda Odyssey
There isn't much room behind the hub. As far as I know the only way to change the stud is to remove the hub completely. If you have some miles on the Odyssey, it would make sense to also change the wheel bearing as preventative maintenance but it wouldn't usually be necessary. It really depends on your situation, how many miles are on the current bearings, and how much longer you plan to keep the vehicle.
Thanks for your reply. I figured out that the hub has to come off even though some people were saying they ground the bolt down and forced it in (not). I have 128,000 and plan on keeping it for another 100,000. I decided to do the ball joint, strut, and wheel bearings all at the same time. Since you have to remove so many things it doesn't pay to put it back and then go in and do some items over again.