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1998 Toyota Avalon Question: Front wheel camber

My car has chewed-up the inside of both front tires to the point I just replaced them as they showed the steel belt. Shop #1 advises to replace struts. (Both were replaced 10Kmiles ago on 3/08. Originals lasted 120Kmiles) Shop #2 advises to just do a wheel alignment. Which one is the real solution? Can camber be adjusted without replacing struts? Can new struts go bad so fast? Thanks Alberto -
Answer 1
Many cars have a camber adjustment though some cars only have a toe (in or out) adjustment. If the struts are not leaking or bouncing excessively when driving, I would personally start with the alignment. hope this helps! If there is no camber adjustment, there may be a camber kit available but an alignment is where I would start. -
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