Volvo S60 Problem Report

Volvo S60 Front Upper Strut Mounts May Fail and Cause Noise Over Bumps

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Front upper strut mounts may wear prematurely, resulting in loud noise from the front of the vehicle when going over bumps.

Had to replace struts, mounts and spring seat. -
strut, mount, bushing- all need replacing... bought car new. This appears to be a common issue with volvos. There should be a recall for this problem. -
the noise initially started as a squeaking noise and as the car warmed up it would go away. Now the noise has increased and the car shakes as you increase your speed... -
Front passenger side noise with bumps while driving. Bumps do not have to be significant to cause the noise to occur; things like driveway seams and less will cause it. -
loud thumping sound when going over bumps. have to come to almost a complete stop at railroad tracks. replaced struts and mount bushings at 105000 the mounts have broken loose and need to be replaced again. put 2 sets of A frames on car also. front end of vehicle sucks big time. I will never buy another Volvo. -
noisy / Squeaky on bumps -
My strut mounts have been replaced 3times. The second time they busted and went thru the hood. I now have a custom ventilating hole the size of a nickel over the strut. As another lister stated, best looking lemon I've ever owned! -
loud noise everytime hit and thats not a flat surface -
both front spring seats had to be repaired. used the dealer for a painful $480, then had to get an alignment done afterwards at $150. -
As mentioned by others, significant noise from the passenger side front when going over the slightest bump. -
Upper Spring Seats had to be replaced because they had dry rotted over time. -
When I ride over bumps, it appears that the upper struts makes a loud noise. -
Broken top struts replaced with ipd spring sears and struts -
Upper part of struts replaced -
For the past 1,000 miles, been hearing noises come from the front right wheel. Turns out I need a new strut and sway bar link. Vehicle has never been in an accident. -
They make an awful noise as you hit bumps the handling is not what it should be. If every one with this problem reported it to the safety commission maybe a recall could be done to fix this issue. It seems like bs for the mounts to complete break to the point where it causes damage to the hood of the car. -
squeaking and clunking sound form struts -
Right strut mount failed. I had it replaced. Then I found an engine mount had failed, which caused knocking over bumps. Since both fixed, car feels and sounds much more "solid." Also had bushings put in to reduce movement of the engine over bumps. -
replaced strut -
just purchased the car for a daily comuter and the right side strut sounds like it wants to fall off every time i go over a speed bump or any imperfection on the road.I havent fixed it yet i just picked it up yesterday. -
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