BMW 525i Problem Report

BMW 525i Loosness in the Front Suspension Due to Worn Tension Strut Bushings

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The front thrust rod bushingsalso referred to as tension strut bushingsare known to fail occasionally. The oil-filled rubber mounts weaken and crack over time, causing a mushy road feel and shuddering in the steering wheel when going over bumps. These worn bushings should be replaced.

Loose feel in steering, shimmy and at certain times steering wheel shake when applying brakes. Replace the entire arm with newer type bushing. -
Still have the problem, thought it was my rotors but after new rotors I realized it was bushings. Front wheels shutter when I come to a stop. After rotors and new tires (which I am sure the bushings helped wear mine out so fast) I can't afford to get the problem fixed now for awhile. It should be a recall, especially considering it's a BMW. Kinda scary to know a car company who sells cars for the price they do, advertising their quality to be outstanding, and then shy's away from obvious issues that are due to the original build of the car and are of no fault of the individual owners yet we have to foot the bill. Buying a BMW you would think accountability would be greater than other car makers but obviously it is the opposite. Idrive is faulty too, which they know, but do not recall either. -
same as described, gone out on me 2 or 3 times in 8 yrs -
just purchased car havnt made the repair yet hope its not too expensive or difficult? -
Bmw is fixing it this week700.00 plus 129.00 for alingment. -
had to replace them at 50k -
Bushings needed replacement. However, was told bushings no longer manufactured for this model, SO had to replace left and right arms completely to resolve. Cost $1076.00 -
shimmy in front end at braking. brand new tires. "bouncing" at higher speeds. originally thought it was a balance problem with the tires. -
same thing -
I started to notice the shutter in my steering wheel going over bumps. I am going to replace the bushings and see if it helps. -
shuddering in steering wheel at 45mph and higher. Need to replace. BMW wants $625 -
replaced @ 90,000 miles -
Replaced one set of controll arms and car had shimmy in frontend so had to replace other set too. -
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