front suspension on 1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600

I purchaced a 1997 sl600 with minor frot end damage.All work is done ad now after starting the car,the front suspension stays down.Resivore tank was low so we filled it and still nothing.The rear went way up but the front did nothing.

Please help

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you have hydropneumatic suspension that is electronically controlled. it is very user unfriendly to
diagnose, even if you had the MB software and MB's work
shop system. you really need to find a reputable MB
specialty shop to check this out.
Where is the reservoir located and what fluid does it take to fill it? Our car did not come with any manuals or guides for trouble shooting.
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this vehicle uses ride height sensors and a control unit for suspension,if sensors are not calibrated correctly susp will not rise,this is a very complex system wich should be serviced by a mercededs specialist