Front seat upholstery on 1996 Infiniti I30

Anyone know how to remove the back panel of the front seats in order to get to the hog rings for re-upholstering? It seems like they are clip-on, but I am unable to reach behind the panel. Do I need a special tool?

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Even workshop manuals are scarce on that type of detail, have you checked around with any local auto upholstery shops to see how much they would charge to disassemble/repair the seat for you.
Thank you, Patrick. I was able to slide my fingers behind the panel and discover I needed to use a flathead screwdriver to push in on the plastic pins. They popped off! Same with the headrest anchors....deep into the seat I discovered these have squeezable "legs"--a couple of squeezes and they too popped out. I am an upholsterer, but didn't want to break this panel so I thot I'd check to see if anyone had re-upholstered these type of seats. The old leather is off and ready to be taken apart as a pattern for the new material. AND, I was happy to see that these seats are truly made with real leather...just disappointed that I can't afford to put leather back on...but I got a close match. :)