Front rotors warp in 10,000 15,000 miles. What's up? on 2001 Ford Taurus

From 100,000 I have put New rotors on more and more. Turn and replace and it comes back. Now have life time replacement but pay labor . Help

break stresses the front end way more than tail. did you try premium product or generic? are the pads ceramic? ceramic pads will often out last replacement disks as the are extremely hard. overheat heat disks(generic and premium) and cause them to warp. best product i have used with ceramic pads is an after market style drilled and slotted disk. they dissipate heat better than conventional disks and in a lot of cases are more cost effective on purchase. i have them on my work truck which is loaded to weight limit a high percentage of the time. they work. a lot of wear also comes from driving habit. if heavy on peddle, heavy on the brake.