front right suspension appears low? on 2004 Lincoln Navigator

my 2004 lincoln nav front right suspension looks lower than the rest. I turned the on/off switch for suspension to reset it but no luck, anyone know what could be the problem?

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Its probably your air suspension mine did the same thing. My air suspension went out and I bought a conversion kit for my Navigator from and I have to say It works great. I paid less than a grand to fix it with a lifetime warranty and now i dont gotta worry about it again.
i did the same great kit was getting ripped off for years kept buy new compressers that only lasted 1 year had 4 lotsover £4000 got well ripped off so got convershion kit from strut masters great got it shipped to uk put in on myself only took 8 hours w

of fitted it quicker but some one at strutmasters got the back and the front suspenshion mixed up and boxed them up wrong putting the back in the front box and the front in the back box so was trying to fit the back on the front for 2 hours scratching my head was panicing until i worked out what some asshole had done at strut masters but their products r great unlike the staff mike muz from uk
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First - do a ride height check by checking from a known fixed point on both sides to the ground - probably the top of the wheel well. Measure side to side. A difference of a third of an inch (1/2") or less would be acceptable.

To actually adjust the ride height requires a diagnostic tool to access the 4 wheel air suspension module (4WAS) and adjust the wheels individually.

As far as problems: you could have a solenoid on one wheel (the higher one) that is not venting properly. So, when your vehicle is trying to adjust, one wheel vents and lowers and the other one will not move.

These systems need diagnostic equipment to adjust and diagnose appropriately. Good luck!