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2008 Cadillac CTS Question: Front passenger floor mat leak and filled with water, same for back floor mats.

I own a 2008 CTS and I just noticed that in the front passenger floor mat, there was a lot of water and I dont seem to locate where the leak should be because once I saw it was dripping water from a conduct at the right from the AC vent for the feet. Next time I noticed that there was a little "stream" of water in the door side of the interior and I dont know where to look for the leak. The same happens for the rear passenger floor mat, it seems that the water streams down from the side of the door right from under the roof, so I dont know if it is something from the sunroof or from the door rubbers that seal the car. Please advise on anything you should know about it. Thanks -
Answer 1
it is generally a leak from a/c system condensation forms in the case, there must be a leak in the case. -