Front of car shakes when applying brakes on 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Every time I apply the brakes going over 40mph, the front of the car shakes. Brakes are fine. Three places I went to said it was the tie rods or just need an alignment but of course want a boat load of money.

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Suspect front brake rotors are warped/excessive runout from, possible, improper lug nut torque or torque sequence. Suggest replacement, can be machined/turned. IF still within specs!
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sounds like the rotors are warped and need machining
maybe it's a combination of both, Get a second opinion from a shop you trust.And ask to see the 'play' in the tie rods before they replace them. A trustworthy shop won't mind showing you .
Iagree with pushrod. but I wouldnt machine the rotors because the more you take off the rotor the esier it will be to warp again
Agree 100%~!