Front Motor Mount Replacement on 2000 Honda Odyssey

I was told my front motor mount needs replacement. Can I do this my self and if not what is the typical cost to replace this part?

Asked by for the 2000 Honda Odyssey
Yes, it is not hard. First and obviously, get the part. The motor mount is redesigned for the 2000 so it will look different.

Next, remove the bolt at the top of the mount.

Get a large block of wood and *very* carefully jack up the motor from underneath of the van - when I say jack up the motor - I mean just the motor - place the block of wood between the jack and some part of the engine near the motor mount so that you can lift the engine off the motor mount. Be very careful and don't use the exhaust manifold to jack it.

remove the three bolts holding the motor mount to the frame. the rear one is a bitch but keep working at it using a universal joint on your socket to extension.

put the new one in, make sure to connect the vacuum hose and gently lower the engine back onto the upper mount bolt.

This is from memory :)
I made a mistake on the above: there are four bolts holding the front motor mount to the frame, not three. The one nearest the exhaust manifold is the hard one to get off.
Thanks - now that I know it can be done without major shop lifts I will give it a try. Your input was greatly appreciated!