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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: front heater not working

my front heater does not work i am trying to found out why heat is not blowing anymore.i checked all the fuse and they are good.It was blowing fine and it just stoped working on me. -
Answer 1
Make sure your coolant level is full and both heater hoses at the firewall are warm when the engine is warm. If only one hose is warm you could have a plugged heater core. If both hoses are warm the coolant flow is OK. The problem then may be a faulty temperature door accuator. -
Comment 1
so you dont think it is the blower then. -
Comment 2
Perhaps I misunderstood your question. Is the problem that no air is blowing at all? If cold air will blow but no warm air the the fault is not with the blower. If there is no air at all blowing then yes, you could have a faulty blower motor. -
Answer 2
blowermotor resistor is very common on these trucks -
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