Front headlight is out on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Can I replace the front headlight or do I have to take it to a dealership? How much does it cost? Does the low beam use a different bulb than a high beam? What size bulb is needed?

by in Lemoore, CA on January 27, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 28, 2010
Headlight bulb replacement on your 2003 Volkswagen can be tricky at best. The complete headlight assembly must be removed to replace the bulb. There is a release lever under the hood in the fender area. The tricky part is getting the headlight assembly back in correctly. I am unsure of the bulb usage, there are two choices - a standard "H1" bulb or the much more expensive "High Intensity Discharge" type. Matching the old bulb would be your best bet, it looks to me as if the high and low beams are separate bulbs but could be the same type.
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