Front end vibration seemsd to be coming from drivers side on 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT

vibration is slite at low speeds. but when i get to about 60mph its stronger and louder. its like a humming vibration that you here. i dont realy feel it in the sterring wheel. i do feel it on the front floor my side and in my seat. i have changed the left side hub berring and front tires but no change. can anyone help me with this problem.

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have the steering linkage checked for anything loose.
have the wheel balance checked. make sure the tires on the front do not have shifted belts.

the sound im hering is like metal its a grinding vibration sound. had this for weeks ben told it was wheel berrings. ive changed them ben told it was tires ive changed them. ive had the axels checked and there fine. could it be the frond diff. ?
when you changed the hub bearings, did you do both or one??

i did the one side that the sound was coming from. drivers side.
ok, I assume you did replace it with a new bearing??

yes i did new stock part. wish i didnt $124 for nothing.
from your description, it sounds like you may have got a bad new bearing maybe from a long shelf life or one other thought is the backing plate behind the rotor may be coming in contact with the rotor while moving.

ill look into that i will try one off my friends truck this time. i know theres nothing wrong with his truck. and we have the same truck same year. the sound sounds like it may be coming from front diff. its a shollow feel to the vibration. and i dont feel much in sterring wheel its very very very slite even when the vibrating humming grinding is at its worse. but the feel i get with my feet on the floor is very bad.
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Possible tire balance issue or other side wheel bearing Tires may be scalloped Bring it by and we will go for a road test at no charge 714-898-3100 Sunrise Automotive
ok were are you located im in pennsauken nj