front end thud on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

06 cobalt with 31k dealer says suspension i've looked at springs,stuts,tie rod ends,ball joints,swaybar bushings.the struts have no oil leak and the don't have any bounce like i'm just on springs.Besides struts are good for at least twice this milage (under normal driving cond.)I've seen and heard this problem before on other front wheel drives and it has been the front trany/motor mount?I'm looking for another opion anyone.

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I had a very similar problem, it ended up being the right side, rear bushings on the lower arm. Parts were cheap, but it has to be machine pressed.
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Could be the motor mount but this vehicle might be under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty depending on the month you purchased it
I am having the same problem, if u find out what the problem is please let me no.
Hey have you tried lifting your car in the air then turn your wheels back and forth you might here a grinding and if you do its the upper strut mount or bearing, I just had to replace mine in my 07 and it only has 30,000 km.

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Answer #1 from "bobwaa" will probably cover a lot of braking and shuddering complaints. The bushings in the front control arms are pressed in and and the bushing itself is held in by an adhesive. This adhesive is the root of the problem as it will break loose and cause handling problems, especially when braking at higher speeds. The bushing is around $27 and having a Chevy dealer's shop press it in brought the cost to about $63. I reinstalled mine myself saving a bundle on labor but it is not a particularly easy job. The parts manager remarked that this control arm/bushing seemed to not be a good engineering idea!
I had to have the lower control arm bushings replaced,was still under warranty,now i,m having the same problem and have to do the work myself
I have a 2007 chevy cobalt and the noise from my car was lower control arm bushings.