Front end Suspension on 2007 GMC Acadia

Last week I hit a deer in my 2007 Acadia it had to have the bumper and grill assembly replaced. I have since got it back from the repair shop and now the front end bounces as you drive down the road, at any speed. Repair shop tells insurance co. that the struts need replaced and that there is no way this could happen from an accident. It has 70k on it and has never had this issue until th deer accident could this be the struts or something else ?

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Depends on the depth and extent of the accident. I would find it hard to understand if you didn't not have more than superficial parts replaced how the suspension is affected, but anything is possible. You can get a local second opinion to help your cause.
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hey mark this is amber thorn, both my husband run the body shop at smith ford, he recomends to have the repair shop check for a bent wheel or a tire knocked out of balance,,might have throwed a weight, what ins co and shop are you working with
I had to have my struts replace because of the same problem. It worked like a charm!