front end shaking. on 1996 Toyota T100

So this just happened all of a sudden and had no pre warning of something wrong. but I was driving down the road and the truck pulled hard to the right, I got the truck aligned and it was just shaking really bad like the right side front tire was going to fall off. the ball joints were replaced in the summer of 2009 so the only thing i could think it could be is maybe the tie rod but im not sure. its hard to find a mechanic in town who will just replace what is wrong, instead most of them try to sell you something that has just been replaced or has minor ware and tear, so maybe someone can give me an idea of what it could be that would great. thanks

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Sounds like bearings. I'm replacing mine this weekend (1997 SR5 4x4 ext cab - 232000 miles). Or it may be a CV axle. Best to park and crawl under to check it.

Replacement procedure is similar to this: