front end shakes on 1997 Toyota Camry

front end shakes violently when accelerating

by in Dawsonville, GA on January 22, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 08, 2011
possible reasons, unbalanced tires, allignment, worn wheel and or cv joints, all easy fixes at a shop
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While traviling on I57, my car's front end began to vibrate. It felt like it was in the left wheel area. It got worse everytime I took my foot of the accel pedal. Braking seemed to make it worse...
it is not the motor mounts. We also had a new front end drive axle replaced. It only shakes when foot is on the gas - quits when you let go. Tried putting in sea foam to clean injectors. Still ...
This always occurs and the entire car shakes terrible upon hitting brakes when traveling 50 mph
Our steering wheel isn't steady; it shakes and vibrates. If held at a certain angle, the shaking is not as severe. Is this serious - does it need repair, or is it just a symptom of "aging"?
my cv joints are bad. today the front end started shaking and belt was making noise. found a ball bearing under the car. now it will not shift and rolls in park are these things related. i know i n...

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