Front End problems on 1993 BMW 525i

On my 93 525i I have noticed that at 60 mph or higher when I gover over a bump, my whole front end will shake. Also, at any speed, if i go iver a bump while braking, it feels as if my abs is activated. Are both problems related? and what is the fix and at what cost? My car is approcahing 200,000 miles.

by in West Lafayette, IN on April 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 27, 2010
BMWs have issues with their front suspension systems, especially their control arms and control arm bushings. It sounds like your car is in a an UNSAFE operating condition and needs some repair performed to the front suspension system and steering steering system ASAP. At some point you may lose control of your BMW and have an accident if some part or component fails. PLEASE have your car repaired for your safety and the safety of others.
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