1998 Buick Riviera Q&A

1998 Buick Riviera Question: front end problem

I have like a rubbing grinding sound coming from the front when i turn right.Any ideas? -
Answer 1
Could be brake pad is down to metal to metal or the cv shaft is worn out and needs replacement, Either way you need to have a tech check this before more damage is done -
Answer 2
hello , if the noise only happens when you are driving down the road and turn to only one side , then it sounds like you have a wheel bearing going bad ,, normally if you turn to the right , then that would be the left front bearing , and vis versa , however this is not always the case.. -
Answer 3
I had this same problem with a grinding /vibration when I made right turns. We had a hard time recognizing that the front motor mount was bad and we couldn't find replacement. WE found a shop that could make a replacement. Hard to find part. -
Answer 4
This is most likely due to front motor mount. I had similar problem with my 98 Riv and my mechanic took several attempts before finding problem. Difficulty finding replacement. -
Answer 5
driver's side cv joint, replace the whole axle, estimated time 2 hours. the left hand side is the larger radius, it's also the drive side. -
Answer 6
I have a rubbing like sound when I turn to the right with this vehicle only at a stand still -
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