front end of vehicle making a grinding noise on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

when im driving my jeep, the whole front end start making a grinding noise but only when i make a left turn, going uphill, and when its wet out. my grandfather said he thinks it could be a cv boot going out, but some other people says it could be my u-joints. i really dont have the money to take it to the shop to see whats exactly wrong with it. so im hoping you could help me out with my problem. thanks

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There are so many things it could be on a Grand. I would check to make sure that your steering box has not come loose or has not broken some the bolts. I have fixed this problem a LOT on Jeep Grands. Have some one turn your wheel with the hood open and take off your front skid plate and make sure that your steering box stays fixed to the frame as you turn the wheel. If it jumps around, then you need to buy those special bolts from the dealer, they aren't to bad in price. DON'T use hardware store bolts because they are not HARD ENOUGH and will break or shatter on the road and can cause a serious accident.