front end noise?..sounds like driving on rumble strips when not... on 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Truck started making noise that sounds as if you're riding on the rumble strips of the road...when you're not. Sometimes a bump will make noise go away, or a real pattern.
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Very hard to guess without being able to hear the noise first hand. Could it be tire noise? Look closely at your tires perhaps rotate the tires from front to rear see if it effects the noise or changes it. Check for play in the steering joints/suspension.
The rumble strip sensation and noise I am thinking of has to do with engagement / disengagement of the torque converter. I have seen these as the transmission fluid breaks down - sometimes a fluid and filter change will help a lot, making sure you change out the fluid in the torque converter as well (either through a torque converter drain plug or flush equipment).

This rumble strip sensation would occur no earlier than say 30-32 mph, and could happen at any speed above that, with various tip-in, tip-out accelerator movement...
I might need balancing on the front-end. My truck did the same thing after you get to certain speed. The place little weights on the inside lip of your wheels to balance them. Could be that possibly.