front end noise. on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser

noise comming from front end when I go over 10 mph it sounds like a bad tire humming I had tires checked and rotated still hear noise. I changed out the driver cv joint & the spindle thinking the bearing was bad. Plus replaced ball joint. Still hear the nioise. Any Ideas. Oh when the cvjoint was removed no transmission fluid came out.

I think you could have a failing wheel bearing. You could feel the vibration if you put your hand (carefully) on the suspension near the hub with the car running on stands. Always diagnose and find the problem before buying parts. I assume you've checked the transmission fluid and it's up to level.
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Thanks my next move was to put the car on jack stands and run it. I have a spare spindle that I want to learn how to remove the sealed bearing and check it.

thanks again
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Be sure to check the level of the transmission and top that off. Check it when the car is idling and in park. If you let the transmission fluid get too low, you may have ruined some of the gears and that will definitely make a hum, especially at about 45 mph.
I checked the trainy fluid before and after it is good. The car is in great shape it only has 75,000 mles on it. it is a 1995 olds. The hum is from about 10mph to 70mph I really do not go any faster then that, it is my wife's car.
Thanks for the quick response