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2002 Mercury Mountaineer Question: Front end noise

I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. It is making a noise when I whenever the wheel is turned to the left. Even the slightest pressure to the left causes this. There is a slight vibration also. It sounds like it does when you are low on power steering fluid, but it is not low. It is perfect. It is also all wheel drive if that helps. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Aaron -
Answer 1
Just talked to a tech and he thinks its either the rack and pinion or outer tie rod but better get another opinion from a mechanic because changing a rack and pinion or tie rod is a big job. -
Answer 2
simply turning the steering wheel produces the sound? Is it a groaning, whining or squealing? There are a lot of Ford's in my experience that do have that noisy power steering pump when the wheel is turned. I've been told changing the power steering fluid can help prevent this but it's best to diagnose/isolate the noise before spending money on parts. Do you have anyone that can turn the wheel while you listen under the hood? -
Comment 1
okay it only does it when moving. it is kind of a groan, but higher pitched. -
Comment 2
I agree with hemicuda, it's not uncommon for noises that only occur turning one direction to be steering rack related. It's probably a good idea to have a good shop look at it -
Answer 3
First thing i would check is the front drivers side bearing and repack or replace if any signs of wear. -
Comment 1
Exactly what it was...a bearing problem...had to replace the whole hub though...can't replace just the bearings anymore. -
Answer 4
could be your cv joints -
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