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1993 Dodge Intrepid Question: Front end clunking noise.

I pushed on the struts/springs and seem to be OK. Visual also looked OK, at least as far as I could tell. Not a mechanic. Whenever I hit pot holes, it sounds and feels like the front end is going to drop off. Runs great on highway and non-bumping roads. -
Answer 1
Sounds like the stabilizer bar bushing or link is worn and needs replacement go to www.parts.com put in your vehicles info and click on front suspension and then click on link there you will find a complete diagram with prices -
Answer 2
I had the same issues, the subframe bushing (x4) needed to be replaced Check this website for parts http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/raframecatalog.php?carcode=1091966&parttype=10942&a=FRc1091966k1021514 -
Answer 3
ball joints will do that too -
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