front end =car feels as if in 4 wheel drive all the time on 1993 Subaru Loyale

car feels as if in 4 wheel drive all the time. the steering wheel shakes , pulls to right , squeak from right side .. heard a loud bang on right side, one day when backing out of parking space.. than tire felt as if wobbling when I put it in drive and tried to leave parking lot .. car has almost300.000... miles dont want to get rid of it now.. Might as well drve it till it ant go no more.

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This can be caused by a number of things all acting together but with Subaru all wheel drive, tire circumference is critical. All the tires must match. I would start with checking and verifying your tire pressures are equal.

The noise from the right side sounds suspension or CV axle related. The squeaking and clunk sound like a hub bearing, ball joint or control arm bushing (something suspension related). It could also be a CV causing problems. If you're not familiar with suspension work, have a good shop (that also does alignments) check it out. Often inspections are free or not too expensive. If the car is handling strangely, it is a safe idea to check it out or have it looked at. hope this helps