2000 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

2000 Lincoln Town Car Question: Front end alignment

I just purchased 4 new Michelin tires, is it necessary to have the front end aligned. -
Answer 1
How were the old tires? Did they wear uneven or wear out prematurely? -
Comment 1
They were fine, my original set on my 2000 Lincoln was replaced in 2007, since then I replaced with Coopers (suggested by the dealer), and had problems with the whitewalls. I have gone back to Michelins. Tires were balanced. -
Comment 2
Tires can be examined by an experienced mechanic, and they can tell if there is an alignment problem. If they wore evenly and lasted a long time, you don't need an alignment. Keep an eye on them and after 5,000 miles, have a mechanic take a good look at the tread and see how they're wearing, if they are showing signs of being out of alignment, have it aligned. -
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