front end on 2003 Toyota Camry

my girl ran over somthing in the road it broke the belts in the tires after replaceing them and checking all front end parts tie rods stabulizers ball joints struts lower conbtrol arms and axel shafts the only thing i dident ck was the toe it has a bad vibration under load only please help me iam out of ideas

by in Oneida, NY on April 17, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 17, 2011
If the vibration is only present under load, I would check the inner C.V. joints for wear. These are somewhat tough to check. You will need to remove the axles, remove the inner boots and make sure the channels that the inner rollers run in have no worn spots. Wear will feel like a small dimple on one side of the run channels.
COMMENT by on April 17, 2011
thank you one more quick question its worse going up hill and at high speeds the min you put it in nutrual smooth as can be with car up in the air shafts seem tight and i did replace that carrier bearing on at mid moter coming from shaft on pass side it was howling but that dident fix problem do the shafts have to be removed to ck roller channels
COMMENT by on April 17, 2011
The symptoms you mention are very typical of worn/damaged inner joints. You will need to remove the axles to check properly. Good luck
COMMENT by on April 18, 2011
thank you very much youve ben very help full
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