Front driver's seat will not move forward. How do I fix it. It moves back. on 2007 Hyundai Azera

The memory seat for setting one will not bring the seat forward.

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Do the buttons still work for standard seat adjustment? Not talking about presets! If so, reprogram the memory as per owners manual.
the buttons do not work.
first thing to check are the fuses which are located in the fuse panel on the drivers side dash board side panel.

There are two power seat fuses, check to see if the linkage in the fuse is broken in the FR power seat fuse.

If that is not broken, checking the electrical to the motor is pretty easy. The motor is located at the front of the seat right in the middle. It has a connection you can slide off of a holder to gain more access and unplug it. After disconnecting the connector, probe the plug with the female pins and see if you get +-12v when holding the switch. If not, check for power at the switch. If you have power it is a bad motor, or the stop switch could be bad.