front driver seat on 2011 Nissan Xterra

I just bought a 2011 nissan xterra X but I am 5' tall and my xterra driver seat does not raise. I am actually sitting on a pillow to drive....uncomfortable. Is it possible to replace the seat to an 8 way manual drivers seat? And if so, where can I purchase the seat?

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Any seat replacement may not be approved by Nissan as it may compromise your safety if the airbag needs to deploy. There are custom seats or perhaps I would look into putting blocks under the seat rails of your seat this will keep the seats looking stock. We have put blocks under the seats for a few customers. There is liability assumed with this type of modification not every shop would do this but we work on race cars as well.
I am trying hard not to sell my 2001 it. However, I'm having to 'lever' myself out of the driver's seat, and--when I get it, I literally collapse into it.
I have two 'fake' knees and one hip...+ old!!
So, short of having to buy an SUV high entry car, is there a way to re-upholster the seat to boost it a few inches?
If so, what kind of shop would do this? Yellow Pages under ??? listing?
thanks for any experts out there lurking!