Front doors will not close on 1996 Jaguar XJ6

I cannot close the doors (front). It seems like the mechanism is locked in place and will not release, so it's like trying to close a door on a dead bolt that is engaged. The car was fine when I drove to the car wash, both front doors had been opened and closed this morning. After the people at the car wash finished cleaning the inside, the doors will not close/latch. I've tried replacing the fuse for the doors, put the key in the door and locked and unlocked, but it appears there is an issue with the locks. I can press the lock down and it pops back up. I do not have the Security Handbook which is referred to in the Drivers Handbook. Any suggestion? Thanks

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Sounds like the doorlatches are in the closed position with the doors open. You may be able to spring open the latches by popping them open with a screwdriver while holding the door release handle open as if you were opening the doors.