Front door speakers not working on 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Is there a quick check to see what problem is with front door speakers not working, rear speakers are fine.

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If both of the speakers in the front are not working, check that the fader settings are correct. If that is OK, then you are looking at diagnosing the radio or amplifier output signals to the front speakers, which is fairly technical. I recommend you take it to a stereo shop and have them check it out.
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If I were you I would just re-wire the speakers... the wire the jeeps have in them are really low grade...
Pull your rear speakers and hook them up to the front speaker wires. If no sound comes out, it's likely a wiring issue. Or if you have a multimeter you can check continuity of the speaker wires by touching one end to the negative terminal at that connects to the speaker and the other end to the negative cable in the stereo wiring harness, then same process for the positive.

It's pretty common for the speaker wire to get pinched off inside the boot between the door and the body. If you don't have continuity of the wire, this is likely the cause and you'll have to run new wires. Just pull that boot out, make yourself some protection for the new wire so they don't get pinched by wrapping with a ton of electrical tape, followed by foam padding, followed by tape, then put this inside of a small diameter hose and shove it through the boot & the openings to the door & the body. Then simply connect one end to speakers & the other to the wiring harness or directly to the stereo's wiring.

It's kind of a bitch, just take your time and don't get too frustrated. Don't expect to get it right the first time, just keep working at it and take a break if you get pissed and try again later. I've done it twice, took an hour or two, but it has lasted well over a year now.