Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 The Front Door Weatherstrip May Tear

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The drip rail door seal may become torn form contact with the lower A-piller. A revised secondary door seal is available to correct this concern. This is not a recall but a technical service bulletin (TSB) which means the failed part will be replaced at the customers expense once the warranty has expired.

There is a somewhat sharp corner of the front door, ahead of the exterior side view mirror. It's basically the base of the A-pillar. It tears the door seal. There is a recall to replace the entire front door seal with a redesigned seal that allows for this interference. -
had new door seals installed -
Seal tore from the door rubbing on it. Poor design on dodges part -
added new weather stripping -
rips at typical spot. planning to buy new seal and install myself -
Drip rail seal torn by front corner of driver's side door. -
Same issue with major wind noise at highway speeds. -
Wind and rain blow in at front door seals and also rips when door is opened. Dealer replaced complete seals on both sides with redesigned seals under warranty. -
Weatherstip has been torn by angle of door near A pillar. -
Had wind and water leak in. Took to dealer numerous times >10x. Always told it was ok. Had seal replaced 1x at my costs even though under warranty. Still not fixed -
weather stripping keeps tearing on the drivers door. -
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