1996 Pontiac Trans Sport Q&A

1996 Pontiac Trans Sport Question: front door handle

how do I remove the front door handle? it broke and I cannot open it from the outside and would like to replace it. thanks any info would be appreciated -
Answer 1
In order to replace the outside door handle on your 1996 Pontiac Trans Sport van you will first need to remove the inside door panel. There are various screws and retainers that hold the panel in place. Once the panel is off the handle can be unbolted from the outside door skin and the linkages will need to be removed from the handle. You can then remove the handle and install the new one. There is not a lot of room inside the door so removing the retaining bolts and linkages can be a bit difficult. -
Answer 2
On mine the linkage came loose from the bolt. Just take the door cover off, roll the window up and you can reach in and put it back. Refer to the drivers side if you want to see how it goes together. -