front differential on 2004 Buick Rainier

there's a loud chunking grinding noise in the front differential my friend said the gear is gone bc if you turn the front driveshaft it will turn in park wit all wheels on the ground how hard is it to replace the front diffential

by in Savannah, GA on August 18, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on August 18, 2010
is your friend a technician?? if not, expense guess. have it diaged correctly with a bid. Roy
ANSWER by on September 16, 2013
It is a royal PITA to change the front differential, because it is bolted to the engine oil pan and the axle shaft goes THROUGH the engine oil pan, plus you have to remove the steering gear and unbolt the front suspension. I was quoted about $2500.00 in labor alone to have a professional repair garage replace the front diff in my 2004 Rainier. I have the service manual, tools, and garage facilities available, so I am doing it myself, it will just take me longer to do it myself rather than have a professional mechanic do it because I only have a small amount of time to work on it each day.
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